TuNo? Yes Please!

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of veggie sandwiches.  But even with all of the possibilities those offer, it’s nice to switch things up once and a while.  Since we had both whole wheat bread leftover from making stuffing and Nayonaise from my mom’s mayo-free deviled eggs (which I hope we can replace with deviled potatoes next year), logically it followed that we should have mock tuna.  I’ve had this recipe from Happy Herbivore bookmarked for a while, and once noodled around with adapting it for a church potluck,  but had never made it to have at home.

Needless to say, it turned out delicious!  I’ve had other mock tuna in the past, but with tempeh instead of chickpeas.  The tempeh version is heartier, but the chickpea version is just as tasty.  I may cut down on the celery in the future, though, because although the flavor was good, the texture was a little wet.  I do like that both the chickpeas and celery can be chopped in the food processor; it made the whole process go like lightning.

tuno sandwich 02

So I’m not complaining.  A little whole wheat bread, lettuce and tomato, and a couple zucchini pickles, and both my mom and I were good to go for lunch.