Egg Recall Musings

So how about this egg recall?  Scary stuff.  It makes me glad all over again that I decided to give up eggs.  But it makes me think, too.  Whenever a scare like this happens, people tend to freak out, wonder what went wrong, avoid the affected food for a while…and then go right back to it.  Like nothing happened.  Like it was somehow an isolated incident and had nothing to do with the conditions animals are raised under every day.  The mindset seems to be that someone else will take care of it and, once they do, everything will be okay.

Though my initial switch to veganism was for health reasons, the more I read and the more things like this happen, the more I’m beginning to realize what an enormous impact dietary choices have.  I don’t hold with the “brown rice can save the world!” mentality, but it’s pretty clear that choosing a plant-based diet over one with animal products affects more than just one person.

I wish it was easier to explain this to people.  The prevailing “my body, my choice” mentality in regards to food is sad enough from a health perspective, but even worse on a global scale.  We’re not just helping or hurting ourselves when we choose what to eat–we’re making an impact on society and the environment as a whole.  And the more people ignore this, the more we’re going to see problems like the egg recall.  I’m always glad to see the vegan movement growing, but the truth of the matter is that we’ve got a long way to go.