Using up the eggplant!

The locally-grown eggplant made another appearance Thursday night in a tasty Parmesan-style bake:

eggplant parm

This is a recipe I ran across a while back in Vegan Planet.  Unlike traditional eggplant parm, the eggplant slices aren’t breaded.  Instead, you bake them in the oven for a while to get them tender while you make the sauce on the stove top.

The sauce part calls for burger crumbles to round it out a bit, but I’m not really a fan of those or of TVP, so I used chickpeas instead.  I think the last time I made the dish, I used white kidney beans.  Either way, beans make a suitable and hearty substitute.  Plus, I just plain enjoy chickpeas!

eggplant plate

To go alongside, I cooked up some quinoa in vegetable broth and added a little Italian seasoning.  All in all, it came out good.  My mom and I ate one half and my brother ate the rest!  Clearly this one is a hit.

A mini-announcement: on the 10th, my mom and I will be popping over to Massachusetts for a short vacation.  I’ve found a few vegan-friendly restaurants that I want to check out, and hope to be able to blog a review or two!  Why upstate NY is so deficient in these sorts of restaurants is beyond me.