Gushing about LUSH

I love LUSH Cosmetics.  I first heard of them a while back but didn’t get a chance to try their products until recently, when I ran across a LUSH store while on a trip to AZ.  I’m not much of a “mall person” anymore, but my mom and I do tend to check out the local shops while we’re on vacation somewhere.  And let me tell you, Scottsdale, AZ is an awesome place to shop even if you’re not usually much of a shopper.  In addition to a huge mall (where the LUSH store was), there are a bunch of neat local shops to browse.

I popped into LUSH’s store just to check out what they were all about, since all I’d seen of them was their website.  Wow, just…wow.  Talk about amazing!  There were soaps, shampoos, bath bombs, creams, lotions, and gift sets *everywhere*.  The thing that really blew my mind was that all of the soaps and some of the solid shampoos were available by the pound, like a soap deli.  We don’t really have stuff like that around here, so it was a completely new experience for me.

I wound up buying small hunks of two different soaps.  The girl behind the counter was a sweetheart, and wouldn’t let me leave without a solid shampoo sample.  I seriously could have spent my life’s savings in that store–no exaggeration.  I’m a sucker for fun bath and shower products, and LUSH goes the extra mile.  I love that they don’t do any animal testing and don’t accept ingredients from anyone who does.  Their “naked” product concept is awesome, too–tons of their products are sold solid, without packaging.  And the packaging they do use is made of as much post-consumer recycled product as possbile!  All of their products are vegetarian, and they are super, super vegan-friendly.

Sorry for sounding like a LUSH ad.  But they really are that amazing.  I didn’t realize *how* amazing until the other day when I went back to a mainstream conditioner I used to love.  It’s been tucked in the cabinet for a while (and probably isn’t vegan *wince), and I was feeling obligated to use it up.  After using LUSH shampoos and conditioners for weeks, I was really surprised by the difference.  LUSH stuff feels fresh and clean, whereas this, which I’ve used in the past with no problem, felt like I had dunked my head in liquid plastic.  The smell seemed excessively chemical, too.  That alone would have been enough to sell me on fresh, natural body care if I hadn’t been already!

It makes sense, too.  The fresher and closer to the earth you get with the stuff you put in your body, the better you feel; why should it be any different with what you put *on* your body?  LUSH goes for organic, fresh, and handmade…what’s not to like?

My top three LUSH recommendations for a reallyreallyreally (it bears saying thrice) clean shower:
Karma soap — you and your bathroom will smell amazing
Ultimate Shine solid shampoo — unlike commercial shampoos, it actually does what it says and leaves your hair shiny
Veganese conditioner — light scent, light conditioner, awesome results

Don’t be put off by the prices; the products really are worth it.  The soaps and shampoos last ages (I’m still using up what I got in AZ five months ago), and the quality is second to none.  Really.

Question for the comments: What’s your favorite vegan shower product?


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  1. Moondancer said,

    07/16/2010 at 5:07 PM

    Hmm my favorite, would have to be a soaps and shower gels. Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Rose geranium, lavendar, are a few of my favorite essential oils so you’ll find them in a lot of my skin care products.

    I make my own skin care products. I’ve been doing that for years, even sell them so yes the house usually smells yummy whether it’s from the foods I’m preparing or the products I create. 😉