Chocolate chip cookies! And vegan desserts

chocolate chip cookies

Yes, I’m blogging about cookies again!

Ever have one of those mornings when you wake up and just have to bake something?  That happened to me on Sunday.  Despite still having some of those tasty blueberry muffins hanging around, my brain latched on to the idea of  a fresh batch of cookies and wouldn’t let go.  What was I to do except break out Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar and appease it with the most classic cookie there is?

Needless to say, my cookie-craving brain was indeed appeased.  I think I baked them a little too long, since the recipe seemed to be hinting at chewy cookies and these came out more on the crispy side.  But I’m not complaining.  They’re delicious, and just what I wanted!

I’ve seen remarks around the internet and have been on the receiving end of them in real life from people who are baffled by the idea of vegan baked goods.  Not because they don’t understand how a cookie can be a cookie without eggs, but because they’ve somehow become convinced that veganism is the same thing as eating health food all of the time.  They seem to think that vegans never, ever ingest anything that resembles junk food.

This mindset makes me a little sad, because I think it’s part of what turns people off to veganism.  It’s also part of the prevailing attitude that any healthy lifestyle is the same thing as self-deprivation.  I wish there were one or two simple sentences that could automatically convince these people that things like cookies can be, and often are, part of a healthy diet.  As long as you’re eating a variety of other foods, what’s wrong with eating a cookie??

That’s my soapbox moment for the day.  Stop reading my ranting and go bake something. 😉